HPHT Process - Education

What is HPHT ?

HPHT process is High Temperature and High Pressure process ,

The Scientific Explanation

HPHT stands for high pressure and high temperature. It is a method of applying HPHT to those diamonds that are not fully crystallized “premature diamonds”.        


The HPHT process is a scientific procedure that is carefully controlled. The HPHT process is used to finish what nature started by applying near to 70,000 atmospheres (the same atmospheric pressure that a diamond gets in the Deep ground) at temperatures More than 3,000°F. Meeting these conditions will bring a diamond to its fully "mature" state.

This process brings the diamond to its most mature, desirable, colorless state. Mature diamonds are defined as those that have D, E, F, G color grades.
The HPHT process simply finishes what nature started. The HPHT diamond maturation process is permanent. Even though heat and pressure is applied to bring a natural, high clarity, top light brown (TLB) or top, top light brown (TTLB) to a white color grade, it is important to note that these diamonds are not synthetics and are 100% natural diamonds.

The HPHT color treatment process can be only be applied to diamonds of the highest clarity VS+ such as: Flawless VVS1 VVS2 and VS1 VS2. Because the Important Fact that during the process diamonds with inclusions and fractures can be broken and surfaces can be become frosted. Even the very slight inclusion can blow up the stone during the process, thus rendering it useless.

The Simple Explanation

The Process is copy the deep earth conditions like extreme heat and extreme pressure ,That is the place where the diamonds "born" in deep earth, Usually the process take millions of years in Nature but HPHT accelerate the process very fast and its take only weeks instead of years
Diamond DNA and Diamonds Types

Every diamond has unique DNA like fingerprint - its like the famous say “there is no two Identical fingerprint” so there is no Identical diamonds , every diamond is Unique and has different characteristics , There is Two General Types in Nature: Type I and Type II

Type I - diamonds, the most common class, contain nitrogen atoms as their main impurity
98% of the diamonds is belong to that Type and classified as Type I diamonds, there is three Sub-category as Type IaA, Type IaB and Type Ib – 98% is not fit to HPHT PROCESS !!
Type II - diamonds have no measurable nitrogen impurities, Less than 2% is belong to that Type and they consider as Very RARE – 2% that fit to HPHT Process
In HPHT Process we use Type II Diamonds only less than 2% is belong to that type Also we Need high clarity usually Better than VS+ (Because the Pressure and Heat diamond with SI1 Clarity and Lower can break in the Process, So the selection of potential HPHT diamonds is very limited
HPHT Fancy Color

One more advantage of the HPHT diamonds is the Fancy color world , the HPHT open range of new colors that we can get only in that HPHT process , unique and rare Color tones, Like PINK and RED diamonds, in any other enhancements or process you can't make Fancy Pink Color in the fancy \ Intense \ Vivid color tone , that are similar to natural color tone , the RED and the Pink Color tone is 100% same as natural and usually has high clarity as VVS or VS in Nature PINK and RED are Extremely RARE and their prices are Extremely High

So, How we get Our RARE Tones ? like the VIVID PINK/RED/BLUE As I explain before there is to two Main Types of diamonds , but its more complicate than that, In Additional there is two more Sub category of Type II Diamonds

Type IIa

Type IIb

Each Type of this Sub Category is Fit to Different Process and Has Different DNA of hidden Fancy Color
In Simple Words Every Diamond is Unique and the Final Color Is Hidden so We must trace the Hidden DNA that’s why For Example you can't get PINK color from Diamond that doesn’t has pink DNA , same in Blue and Red .

HPHT Compare to Natural

To be diamonds manufacturer its a risk but we learn the topic and the science for years and years and try and try until we Earn that knowledge, a very expensive knowledge because we lost much Rough and Polished Diamonds in trying the process and Learning the Facts over the years

Facts About HPHT:
THERE IS NO SINGLE DIFFERNCE Between D FLAWLESS HPHT Diamond and D FLAWLESS 100% NATURAL Diamond , beside the price... more than double .... but characteristics is 100% same according to the GIA -Gemological Institute of America the the Foremost Authority of the Gemological World .

Even World Leading Gemological Labs Facing Difficult to Trace the HPHT process Even today , why is that ? Because it is Natural Process.
More Facts: The HPHT Special Fancy Colors like Pink , Blue and Red , Look 100% same as Natural Fancy Colors , But Look different from Color Enhanced Treatments, So the Expert Conclusion about the Fancy Color will be “ITS NATURAL”


AS the HPHT open new world of colors to us and its give the chance and the possibility to every one to get better diamond in same budget also its open us the opportunity to buy pink , blue or red diamond 100% similar to Natural with much attractive price for few examples :

Because Pink Diamonds are most rare in Nature and the demand for them is Growth and the prices is increasing as well : 1 carat vivid Natural pink GIA Certified sold over 350,000$-400,000$ per carat and up in 2015, 100% similar Diamond 1 carat vivid HPHT pink GIA Certified we offer at 15,000$ Per Carat -95% OFF for similar item 100% same characteristics !!! - please visit our page of HPHT PRICE COMPARASION to learn more about it, Even GIA admit its 100% similar and Certified them , One more Fact GIA doesn’t grade unstable temporary or cheap enhancement Diamonds

Second Example: 1.00+ carat D flawless with GIA sold between 15,000-24,000$ per carat , similar 1 carat D flawless hpht GIA certified we sell for HALF PRICE as 10,000$-12,000$ per carat, again its 100% similar Characteristics :
• 100% earth mined Diamond
• D color = D color
• Flawless = Flawless (hpht doesnt affect the clarity - the diamond was Flawless in origin)
• GIA certificate for both
Its About politics and Agenda also Great marketing but today when the science is so progress why not to ENJOY THE BENEFITS !!!