About Us

About Us DirectDiam – Fancy Diamonds Manufacturer

Company Profile

We are Certified Diamonds Exchange Members and World Federation of Bourse members

We established at 1985 at Israel Diamonds Exchange Two partners One Gemologist and One manufacturer (Diamond Cutter and Polishing) We have branches and Partnership around the World in: Antwerp (Belgium) Paris (France), New York (USA) , Hong Kong and Our Headquarter is Located in The world Largest Diamonds Exchange in Tel Aviv

We have more than 1000 Polished Diamonds in all the Shapes Color and Clarity , 90% of our Diamonds is Certified by World Leading Gemological Labs like the GIA,EGL,HRD,IGI and IGL

We participate in the World Leading Diamonds and Jewelry Show in Hong Kong (three Time in a year) and JCK Las Vegas

Our Specialized

We at DirectDiam Manufacturing Diamonds Over 30 Years in the highest Technology and Quality, We Specialized in Fancy Color and Unique Rare Color like : Red , Pink , Blue and Yellow

The Popularity of Fancy color Diamonds is Growth over the Years and the price is Increasing as well, Today many Designers and Dealers looking for Fancy Pink or Fancy Yellow diamond Looking for the Unique and for the ONE OF A KIND

The Jewels designers and World Leading Jewels Manufactures are Also in the Trend and they are design and manufacture Multi Color Pieces they use range of Fancy Color Diamonds combination like Fancy Blue and Fancy Pink in the same ring or pendant

People looking for the special Item for the perfect gift , People seek to express themselves and to design or buy something unique to be Different , WE are at DirectDiam Manufacturing the rough materials to that desire and dream

Meet Our Staff

We have WINNING team of people that working very hard to Search , Find ,Import, Cut, Polish and Certified and than Export the Diamonds

SALOMON LUPSTEIN - Rough Department Manager

To Manufacture A diamond is NOT Simple Task You must start with Searching the right Rough with Kimberley Certificate (U.N Certificate that approve the diamonds are NOT blood Diamonds – all our Rough Diamonds is with Kimberley) Most of the Rough arrive from Africa some arrive from Australia and Russia – with over 50 Years of Rough Grading and Tones of Knowledge SALOMON is our guy the travel and Search the right rough to manufacturing

NISSIM BERNARD MEYER – Manufacturing Department Manager (Co-Partner)

Bernard is Establish the company with Joseph he is Accredited Gemologist that work over the last 30 years around the world in France , Australia , Thailand and Israel

His Part is Very important and its start after we Import the rough to our factory , Bernard has the Most important Task and its to decide which Yield we get from each rough , which is the best shape and which color we can get , also he check if the diamond need some enhancement or process and if we can achieve special fancy color , He mark spots with special pen on each rough and test it with the Most advanced Machines that scan the rough from any angle


One more important person in our team is our Buyer Reuven that sit in the Heart of the Diamonds Exchange Hall where is all the action and the Deals, Many Times we buy polish Diamonds From other manufactures that bring their Product to the center hall and show it the the Buyers and Dealers , Only Certified Diamonds Exchange Member are allow to Enter to the Main Hall and has the license to Buy and sell diamonds there , this Hall call "The Bourse" and in Tel Aviv (actually its in Ramat Gan city but in the world its known as Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv)

Reuven Job is Search for Request and to buy for our stock and also Negotiation – Because his important Job in the last 40 Years (since 1973 !!! ) we can offer to all our buyers the option to find any diamond that they desire including world rarest color like Natural Red and Blue or 10 Carat Collection D Flawless Diamond , if there is diamond we will find it for you (if we don’t have in our stock…)


Our Sales Manager is Joseph Second Generation in the diamond Industry and Trading with over 12 years of experience in Diamonds Grading G.G Graduate) and History in the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) also has over 15 years Experience of selling and trading , Joseph is our guy that running the online sales ,his job cover the communication between us to the buyers (you) he is answering about question , explain about the diamond grading and the proffessional terms Also his job is to  Increase buyer confidence to Online purchase from Us

YONATAN KEARAN – Office manager

Yonatan Job is Connect Between the parts of the company including the logistic and control the stock , Yonatan is the man who do the all back office important job loke : Certified the diamonds he send to third party lab like (GIA, EGL, IGL and more) also he prepare the shipping Package for Brinks / Malca Amit / UPS / Fedex also all the Bank Account transfers and payment is handle by him